The UUQAF Story

UUQAF was born on the 22nd April 2010, by a group of QA Officers from Universities in Uganda. UUQAF was established to respond to the evident challenges in the institutionalization of IQA systems in many institutions in the country.


The vision of UUQAF is to promote efficient planning, management and provision of quality services in order to achieve excellence, nationally, regionally and internationally
The mission of UUQAF is to strengthen, consolidate and maintain Total Quality Assurance in Ugandan Universities and Other Degree awarding Institutions of learning.
The goal of UUQAF is to establish and maintain quality standards in Ugandan universities and other degree awarding institutions in line with national, regional and international regulations


“To establish a network of quality assurance coordinators in order to enhance quality assurance in Higher education Institutions in Uganda and beyond”

The objectives of UUQAF shall be to:

  1. Share experience on quality assurance issues among Quality Assurance Officers
  2. Promote awareness on the relevance of quality assurance matters in institutions of higher learning
  3. Build capacity of Quality Assurance Officers through training
  4. Share expertise on quality assurance processes
  5. Monitor implementation of quality assurance improvement plans
  6. Mobilise resources for quality assurance activities
  7. Mentor Quality Assurance Officers
  8. Carry research on quality assurance related issues


UUQAF’s main functions /strategies shall be to:

  1. Create a conducive environment for quality assurance committees of universities to contribute in the quality assurance improvement activities
  2. Implement the decisions of the General Assembly and Executive Committee aimed at promoting quality higher education in Uganda
  3. Coordinate the Ugandan Universities Quality Assurance Committees with the government institutions and, with other development partners interested in quality assurance.
  4. Conduct quality assurance projects within the Legal framework of the country
  5. Act within the National Quality Assurance Policy Framework
  6. Facilitate the financing of quality assurance processes through workshops and networking
  7. Support the development and dissemination of innovative quality assurance practices
  8. Collect and collate information on important quality assurance case studies as a basis for networking, information exchange and capacity-building
  9. Perform any other activity related to the quality assurance function in higher Education

The underlying values that underpin the functioning of UUQAF include best practices underpinned below

The Forum is dedicated to ensuring excellence and innovativeness in its approach towards quality assurance in universities


The Forum is bent on a robust resource mobilisation to ensure sustainability and self-reliance. This is the only way it can implement all its activities and achieve its intended objectives without any hindrances.

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The Forum maintains high levels of integrity since it is a representation of all Universities in Uganda. We value personal and organisational integrity.

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UUQAF was established to respond to the evident challenges in the institutionalization of IQA systems